Where We Deliver!

Local Delivery - 

  1. New Extended Delivery Area!  We have partnered with Mili Express Inc and now deliver all over the Lower Mainland including White Rock, Delta, Langley, Surrey and of course Vancouver, Richmond Burnaby, North Shore, Coquitlam etc.  Look Below for a list of all postal codes we deliver to.
  2. Our staff will contact you with the delivery schedule but we try to deliver within a day or two. We operate 4 hours Delivery windows, so most likely the delivery schedule would be 1:00pm-5:00pm, 2:00pm-6:00pm, or 3:00pm-7:00pm. in the Summer, deliveries may be scheduled between 5:00pm-9:00pm .
  3. Your order will be delivered by Mili Express Inc and they will contact you by phone call or text message for the update when the driver is on the way.

Local Delivery Area

(Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby, New Westminster and parts of North Shore) 
  • Delivery is free for orders of $75 and over!
  • a $10 charge applies for orders from $40 - $75. 
  • a $20 charge applies for orders less than $40.

Extended Delivery Area

(White Rock, Langley, Surrey, Delta, PoCo, Coquitlam, Port Moody etc.)
  • Delivery is free for orders of $100 and over!
  • a $5 charge applies for orders from $75 - $100. 
  • a $10 charge applies for orders from $40 - $75.
  • a $20 charge applies for orders less than $40.
  1. As our shelves are completely re-stocked by Thursday the best days to order are Thursday night, Friday, and Saturday but you are able to order anytime, 24/7.  We will deliver Thursday - Monday but main days are Friday to Sunday.  In general, no deliveries are scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday.
  2. Covid 19 is delaying some products.
  3. Starting Jan 1 we will charge $1 for cost recovery on the expense of paper bags as plastic is no longer an option for most products.

The following is a list of postal codes our Local Delivery Area

V3L, V3N, V5A, V5B, V5C, V5E, V5G, V5H, V5J, V5K, V5L, V5M, V5N, V5P, V5R, V5S, V5T, V5V, V5W, V5X, V5Y, V5Z, V6A, V6B, V6C, V6E, V6G, V6H, V6J, V6K, V6L, V6M, V6N, V6P, V6R, V6S, V6T, V6V, V6W, V6X, V6Y, V6Z, V7A, V7B, V7C, V7E, V7H, V7J, V7K, V7L, V7M, V7N, V7P

The following is our Extended Delivery Area

V1M, V2W, V2X, V2Y, V2Z, V3B, V3C, V3E, V3H, V3J, V3K, V3M, V3R, V3S, V3T, V3V, V3W, V3X, V3Y, V3Z, V4A, V4B, V4C, V4E, V4G, V4K, V4N, V4P, V4R, V4W, V7G, V7R, V7S, V7T, V7V, V7W

Routes and timing are subject to change.  

Thank you from Konbiniya!  Shop@konbiniya.com