Where We Ship!

-Shipping By Canada Post-

Thank you for all of you across Canada who have ordered from us !

We send by Canada Post to areas outside of our Local Delivery area.  BC is 1 Zone and the rest of Canada from Alberta to Newfoundland is our other Zone.

Put in your address and our website will automatically show shipping charges for the weight of your order.  Shipments take from 1 to 5 days according to Canada Post.

If we are able to ship for cheaper price than posted on our site, we will refund you the difference (Examples below).

Note: We can only ship a very limited kind of refrigerated or frozen items.  We will inform you if you have ordered something we don't ship.


Ex1.  We shipped a 8.5kg box to Ottawa for $32.

Ex2.  We shipped a 17kg box to Regina for $35.  - Our posted rate is $65 so we  refunded $30.

Ex3   We shipped a 7.4kg box to Niagara Falls for $30. - we refunded $5 from our posted rate.  

Ex4   We shipped a 3.8kg box to Penticton for $15.  - Canada Post charged us $16.46 but we do not ask you to pay the difference.



Feel free to contact us at shop@konbiniya.com for more details.

Thank you from Konbiniya Japan Centre!