Product Info

At Konbiniya, it is our goal to only sell products that are from Japanese brands and in general, made in Japan.  Some Japanese trading companies have created their own brands (Shirakiku, J-Basket, Wel-Pac etc.) which would be similar to "President's Brand" in Canada.  These companies make their products worldwide and in this case it is our plan to have that information on the product page.  Also, just like Toyota does not make all their cars in Japan, some Japanese food companies (especially to service the non-Japan market) have situated factories offshore in countries like China, Thailand, Vietnam etc.  Ex; Glico has a factory in Thailand that makes Pocky for the non-Japanese market. 

At Konbiniya we strive to get you the best products available.  We will make sure the best before date has not past.  If we make a mistake please let us know.  Please understand that some items that are to be consumed on opening such as snacks, candy etc. may only have a month or two to expiry.  Items that are used over a longer period such as mayonnaise or soy sauce will have a longer expiry period.   

We try to have the most recent picture of the products on our site but some items change packaging often or have multiple packaging depending on the intended country of sale.

In case a product is out of stock we will contact you to arrange a substitute or arrange a refund for that product.  If the product is arriving soon we will ask if you want to wait for the product before we ship.   

Remember, once shipped there is no refund, return or exchange on any of our products.

Prices in store and online may be different.

Thank you from the staff at Konbiniya!