Old Where We Ship!

Shipping By Canada Post-

We send by Canada Post to areas outside of our Local Delivery area.  BC is 1 Zone and the rest of Canada from Alberta to Newfoundland is our other Zone. Put in your address and our site should automatically show shipping charges.  The shipping charge shown is to most urban areas in these provinces but depending on your address we may contact you to discuss.

Ex. 1.  We shipped a 5kg box to Calgary for $15.

Ex. 2 We shipped a 12kg box to rural Alberta for $35.

Note: We can only ship some refrigerated or frozen items.  We will inform you if you have ordered something we don't ship.

Shipping to Other Areas -

Example of using on our online shop for people living in remote areas or even in areas outside the 3 provinces.  

1. Purchase form our online store and select Store Pickup.

2. Contact us to change to shipping and let us know your address.

3. We will gather you order and check with Canada Post on the shipping rate.

4. We will contact you with the shipping cost and you decide if you want to go ahead with the purchase.

5. If yes, we will charge you the Canada Post rate and send the products.

6. If no, we will refund your purchase to your credit card, of course with no cost.

Thank you from Konbiniya Japan Centre!