Sukiyaki Beef / すき焼き用牛肉 1LB / 454g (Frozen)

Sukiyaki Beef / すき焼き用牛肉 1LB / 454g (Frozen) - Konbiniya Japan Centre

Konbiniya Japan Centre


Sukiyaki Beef by Sugiyama Meet (Local Butcher, Canadian Beef)

Beef supply is being affected by Covid 19   We may need to limit Purchase quantities to 3 per customer.  We have tried to keep the price from rising too much but lease read message from our supplier below.

Dear Customers,
We’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for purchasing our meat products and also give a brief explanation as to why the beef and pork prices have gone up significantly. The reason is due to the current global Covid-19 pandemic that has affected major meat processing plants in North America. There have been temporary shut downs, new safety protocol costs and reduced production shifts that have caused beef and pork prices to increase substantially.
Thank you for your understanding and please stay safe during these times.
Kind regards,
Sugiyama Meat Packers


This item requires refrigeration so we may not be able to ship by Canada Post to your destination.