MAKUNOUCHI BENTO幕内弁当 Monday 11:00am Pick up

MAKUNOUCHI BENTO幕内弁当 Monday 11:00am Pick up - Konbiniya Japan Centre




Our appetizing Bento box will bring you a memorable culinary experience that leaves your taste buds wanting more.

5 kinds of daily tapas served with a mini seafood bara chirashi bowl.


It comes with soy sauce, wasabi, chopsticks, paper napkins. 

This is for MONDAY 11:00am Pick up Only.

PLEASE ORDER by 5:00pm  on Sunday for next day pick up.

No special order for this product.

If you need any specific order instructions or questions,

Please contact TAKENAKA directly. Konbiniya has no detailed informations about this product.

Takenaka: 604-802-9982