EBI MAYO エビマヨ Monday After 5:00pm Pick up

EBI MAYO エビマヨ Monday After 5:00pm Pick up - Konbiniya Japan Centre


Item scheduled to arrive soon!

4 pc plump batter-fried tiger prawns dipped in rich and creamy Japanese chilli mayo.

It comes with chopsticks and paper napkins.

This is for MONDAY After 5:00pm Pick up Only.

Takenaka will come to deliver at 5pm and then store in the refrigerator.

PLEASE ORDER by 5:00pm  on Sunday for next day pick up.

No special order for this product.

If you need any specific order instructions or questions,

Please contact TAKENAKA directly. Konbiniya has no detailed informations about this product.

Takenaka: 604-802-9982   info@takenakavancouver.com